New Work Products


Aceit SilverTech® Polo

✓ Next-gen moisture wicking CoolDry yarn - silky fabric that feels smooth on the skin and wicks away heat and sweat.

✓ Anti-bacterial coating (certified SGS 99.99% rating) - anti-microbial properties to keep you fresh and clean.

✓ Permanent anti-odour finish - absorbs and neutralises odours, keeping you smelling pleasant.

✓ Static-free - avoid those unexpected electric shocks!

✓ Quick dry - aatural air flow allows perspiration to evaporate quickly, keeping you dry.

✓ Easy care - arinkles are ironed out quickly and easily.

✓ Rated UPF 50+ - arotect your skin from the harsh Aussie sun with our UPF 50+ rated fabric.